Ukulele for Kids : A Fun and Easy Way to Learn

Ukulele for Kids : A Fun and Easy Way to Learn

Book Title: Ukulele for Kids : A Fun and Easy Way to Learn

Author: Steven Sproat

Format: Paperback | 30 pages

Publication Date: 15 Dec 2015

ISBN-13: 9781522775140

"My daughter loves it!" Janice

"Easy to understand." Michael

"Wonderful, simple and fun!" Richard

"Nice beginner's ukulele book for kids." Beth

Mark Daniels simplifies the ukulele and brings everything down to a level children not only understand, but also enjoy. Kids can jump right in and learn at their own pace with no complicated sheet music to slow down the learning process. Everything is explained with illustrations and real life photographs from multiple angles making it easy for children to know exactly where and what their little hands should be doing.

The ukulele is the perfect instrument for kids. It's small, lightweight size makes it very easy for little hands to play. With only four strings, children have little to no problem jumping right in and making fun music. The ukulele is the perfect instrument to introduce children to the wonderful world of music and Mark Daniels makes learning the ukulele fun and easy.

Children will learn how to identify each part of their ukulele and what it does. They will also learn the proper way to hold the ukulele as well as strum the strings for the very first time. Images and illustrations make tuning the ukulele simple. Kids will be playing their first chords quickly and easily with encouraging diagrams that make it easy to know exactly where their fingers should go. Multiple images and illustrations make everything crystal clear. Your child will be playing their ukulele in no time.

Pick up a copy of Ukulele for Kids: A Fun and Easy Way to Learn and watch your child play their ukulele tomorrow.