California: A History (Modern Library Chronicles)

By | May 17, 2018
California: A History (Modern Library Chronicles) Author Kevin Starr
ISBN-10 081297753X
ISBN-13 9780812977530
Year 2007-03-13
Pages 416
Language English
Publisher Modern Library
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California has always been our Shangri lathe promised land of countless pilgrims in search of the American Dream Now the Golden States premier historian Kevin Starr distills the entire sweep of Californias history into one splendid volume From the age of exploration to the age of Arnold this is the story of a place at once quintessentially American and utterly unique Arguing that Americas most populous state has always been blessed with both spectacular natural beauty and astonishing human diversity Starr unfolds a rapid fire epic of discovery innovation catastrophe and triumph For generations Californias native peoples basked in the abundance of a climate and topography eminently suited to human habitation By the time the Spanish arrived in the early sixteenth century there were scores of autonomous tribes were thriving in the region Though conquest was rapid nearly two centuries passed before Spain exerted control over upper California through the chain of missions that stand to this day The discovery of gold in January 1848 changed everything With population increasing exponentially as get rich quick dreamers converged from all over the world California reinvented itself overnight Starr deftly traces the successive waves of innovation and calamity that have broken over the state since thenthe incredible wealth of the Big Four railroad tycoons and the devastating San Francisco earthquake of 1906 the emergence of Hollywood as the worlds entertainment capital and of Silicon Valley as the center of high tech research and development the heroic irrigation and transportation projects that have altered the face of the region the role of labor both organized and migrant in key industries from agriculture to aerospace Kevin Starr has devoted his career to the history of his beloved state but he has never lost his sense of wonder over Californias sheer abundance and peerless variety This one volume distillation of a lifetimes work gathers together everything that is most important most fascinating and most revealing about our greatest state From the Hardcover edition

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